Welcome to Young Money Plans.

Young Money Plans is a personal finance resource to demystify finance. We want to empower our audience with straightforward content. We come from a place of tough love and focus on delivering quality resources, and only want the best for our readers to reach their financial aspirations.

About the Founder: Anna

Anna was inspired to start Young Money by conversations she was having with friends and family around personal finance. She has a career in professional investing (currently at a hedge fund, formerly at Goldman Sachs), which means that she researches companies and investment opportunities for attractive returns. 

Anna is an Asian-American twentysomething, proud daughter of scrappy immigrants, who sees money as a tool for financial and creative freedom. Beyond just saving for retirement, she wants to share a positive dialogue around this intimidating topic and share some finance tips along the way.

Together, Anna and her growing team run the newsletter, social media and website!